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About The Author

My name is Jacquelyn A. McClinton

Jacquelyn A. McClinton is a mother to one son, grandmother of two, a daughter and a sister. She also loves being an aunt. Jacquelyn is a proud United States Marine and served in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration; a master’s degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution; and a Juris Doctorate. Jacquelyn cares about justice which is why this collection of poems also includes a section on liberating. Jacquelyn has been writing poetry for years. Many of the earlier poems were not backed up and were subsequently lost. Lessons!! She began writing poetry as a hobby. Later, she understood that poetry was a way to tell a short story. Poetry can bring healing. Words have power. Sometimes the right word, or poem, can literally save someone’s life. Jacquelyn hopes that you find several poems in this book that speak to the important moments in your life.

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